GLOBAL VISION PROJECT: Global Vision of Rehabilitation
and Recreation for People with Disabilities in the 21st Century

Slogans for Special Play and Recreation in the 21st Century;
Bumper Stickers, Letterheads, Placards, Posters, 1981; Revised 200 (1)

Complied by Professor John A. Nesbitt, Ed.D., CTRS,
President/CEO, Special Recreation for disABLED International

THE SLOGANS. The 1981 advocacy slogans were compiled for the United Nations International Year for Disabled Persons, 1981, and the UN Decade. Added to these 1980s slogans are "Past Century" and "21st Century Slogans" that have been compiled by Mr. Dan Wilkins, Owner-Manager, The Nth Degree. (1)


I. FROM the 1981 United Nations "International Year of the Disabled"
Available from Nth Degree
III. FOR THE 21st CENTURY, Compiled by Mr. Dan Wilkins, Nth Degree (1)

I. FROM the 1981 United Nations "International Year of the Disabled"

Athletes with Disabilities Want Opportunity in
... Amateur Athletics ... Amateur ... Professional Athletics ... Olympics ... Elementary School ... Secondary School ... College/ University

Building Steps Means Segregation ... Spectators with Disabilities Want Ramps [NOTE: One of the ramp demonstration chants goes like this:
"What do we want? Ramps! When? Now! What do want ...."

Children with Disabilities Want to Play, Need to Play
... at Home, in the Neighborhood, in School, at Playgrounds and in Hospitals and Institutions
[NOTE: Child growth and development requires.]

Equal Opportunity for People with Disabilities Means Access to ... (options)
__Aquatics __Arts-Graphics __Camping
__Crafts __Ethnic Activities __Dance
__Drama __Entertainment __Game
__Hobbies __Literature __Music
__Nature/Outdoors __Recreation Advising/Education
__Social Activities __Special Events __Sports
__Tourism __Voluntary Service

People Need Recreation When Living in ... (options)
__Institutions __Nursing Homes __Transition Housing

People with Disabilities Living Independently Need and Want Play and Recreation

People with Disabilities Want Access to ... (options)
Stop the Lockout of People with Disabilities from ... (options)
__Art Museums and Galleries __Concert Halls
__Forests and Nature Reserves __Historical Monuments
__Museums __Nature and Natural Resources
__Parks __Playgrounds
__Recreation Centers __Stadiums
__Swimming Pools

People with Disabilities Want Employment in Play and Recreation as Directors, Supervisors, Leader/Instructors, Play Leaders, Assistants/Drivers/Aids, Volunteers/Students

People with Disabilities Want Participation in Advisory Groups, Boards, Commissions, Committees for ... (options)
__Airline, Cruise, Hotel, Motel, Travel organizations
__Athletic and Sport associations, councils, federations
__Business and Commercial recreation equipment, supply corporations
__Government: National and State agencies, departments
__City Council, County Commission, District Authorities
__Neighborhood, Recreation, and Senior centers and services
__Private Recreation associations, clubs, youth organizations
__Parks, Parks and Recreation, Recreation agencies, departments
__Youth Service, Boy/Girl Scouts, YMCA/YWCA

People with Disabilities Need Transportation for Recreation

People with Disabilities in Care Facilities and Institutions Need Recreation ... Stop 16 hours days doing nothing, killing time, stifling lives

People with Disabilities Want Access to Commercial Recreation ...
__Carriers (air, bus, train) __Cruise Line
__Equipment and Supply companies __Hotels, Motels, Resorts
__Toys __Vehicles (boats, cars, vans)

John Arthur Nesbitt,
"What is rehabilitation?"
"REHABILITATION Is A Dream, A Philosophy,
A Goal, A Method, A Regeneration, and A Birth of Freedom;
A dream of possibility, a philosophy of potential, a goal for society,
a method of achieving results, a regeneration of an able-person,
and a birth of freedom in the life of a person become able."

(available from Nth Degree)

Alan Berger, "INCLUSION: Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere."

Robert Browning, "Our aspirations are our possibilities."

Mahatma Gandhi, "You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World."

Kahill Gibran, "The gifts which derive from justice are greater than those which spring from charity."

James Grant, "Children should be the first to benefit from the success of mankind, and the last to suffer from its failure."

Victor Hugo, "What Matter Is Deafness of the Ear When the Mind Hears."

Martin Luther King, Jr, "Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat to Justice Everywhere."

Bea Russell, "Inclusion is a birthright, not a privilege."

South African Disability Rights Movement, "Nothing About Us Without Us."

Robert Louis Stevenson, "To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life."

Dan Wilkins, "Understanding makes tolerance necessary."

Dan Wilkins, "Mainstreaming is like visiting; Inclusion is belonging."

III. FOR THE 21st CENTURY, Compiled by Mr. Dan Wilkins: (1)

"Working Toward A World of Awareness and Better Understanding."

"It is never enough to be human ... we must be humane."

"Your Attitude Just Might Be My Biggest Barrier."

"A community that excludes even one of its members ... is no community at all."

"Help Stamp Out 'Psycho-sclerosis' (Hardening of the Attitude)."

"Together We Can ... To accomplish great things we not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."

"Let's let kids be kids. Let's not handicap them simply because they have a disability."


"THINK INCLUSIVELY: School, Work, Play, Community, Life."

"NOBODY'S CHARITY: When you look at where the money goes, the telethon begins to look like a smellathon."

"REHABILITATION: To Reinvest With Dignity."

Climb a Rock,
Ride a Rapid, Go to School,
Run a Race, Row a Boat, Play some Hoop,
Pitch a Tent, Ski a Slope, Fly a Kite, Dive a Reef, Get a Job,
Get a Grip, Play some Tennis, Go Canoe, Pop a Chute,
Take a Hike, Throw a Ball, Throw a Frisbee,
Pump some Iron, See the World,
Fall in Love,

"Existence without Meaning is Nothing; Make a Difference."

(1) From "A Catalog (of sorts) from Dan Wilkins and THE Nth DEGREE, Pushing Boundaries and Ramping Minds Since 1990." Mr. Wilkins' offers for sale over 250 slogan T-shirts.

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GLOBAL VISION PROJECT: Global Vision of Rehabilitation and
Recreation for People with Disabilities in the 21st Century
A Joint Project by
Disability International Foundation AND
Special Recreation for disABLED International


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